Company Profile

Employs more than 3,500 personnel marketing different products ranging from branded cosmetics to children’s and infant’s products, to electrical supplies, appliances, grocery items and restaurant services.


Established on August 2002 by four enterprising young individuals with the primary purpose of contributing to the Philippine labor pool not only an extraordinary workforce, but ordinary people performing extraordinary work.

We pride ourselves in “Helping People Help Themselves” by providing them the opportunity to find the best job-fit based on their qualifications.

DO18-A Service Provider with clients ranging from multinational corporations to progressive family corporations.


To provide willing, qualified and skillful members of the working class with dignified, gainful and self-developmental opportunities through job placements and employment offerings.
To harbor and develop a stable of trained professionals that are highly motivated, properly educated and generously compensated and prepare them for immediate placements in organizations seeking qualified workforce.


To create a world-class organization that provides gainful employment opportunities to qualified individuals in different realms of the corporate world.